Discover SMARTBOND at Ten Salon!!

SMARTBOND is our NEW protective and strengthening service

this NEW care additive protects and strengthens the hair during coloring and lightening services!!



Enjoy SMARTBOND with your color service for only $25

We’ve always been committed to offering our clients the latest innovations in haircare, and ensuring that we can provide them with the best colour results possible. We’re therefore extremely excited to announce the launch of L’Oréal Smartbond at Ten Salon!! Smartbond contains the latest innovations in bond strengthening (to protect hair during the colouring process) and has been specially formulated to be added to L’Oréal colourants to protect hair during application and development.

How does Smartbond work?

In simple terms Smartbond works by strengthening the bonds in the hair shaft (and reconstructing already weakened bonds) that would cause hair to look and feel damaged if allowed to break. Hair colourants work by changing pigment colour, a process that can lead to break down of delicate bonds in the hair, especially during lightening treatments. By using Smartbond in the bowl with your colour during application, hair is protected and will feel stronger – results you will immediately be able to see and feel.

How is Smartbond different to other bond strengthening products?

L’Oréal have combined over 100 years of scientific hair knowledge with their research and innovation teams to create a system that is specifically designed to enhance the performance of L’Oréal colourants from the moment it’s applied to the hair, without effecting the colour result you are used to.

We can’t wait to see you in the salon so you can feel the benefits of

Smartbond for yourself!!