Kérastase Fusio-Dose: A Personalized In-Salon Hair Treatment


Oleo Fusion (from $40)

The Nutritive Oleo Fusion is made specifically for dry and sensitized hair. Oleo Fusion combines two of L’Oréal’s most effective technologies to ensure lasting nourishment and protection of the hair fiber. This Kérastase treatment provides enduring softness and shine along the length of the hair, as well as long-lasting protection against the drying effects of harsh external elements.


Concentré Substantif (from $40)

This ultra-intensive, deeply replenishing salon treatment delivers a pro-calcium formula that provides hair with improved flexibility while moisturizing and reviving the hair fiber. It also adds body density, substance, and strength while improving manageability and elevating ease of styling. Your hair will appear fuller thicker and healthier. This treatment is great for dry, weak aging, worn, and porous hair.

Color Radiance

Pixelist (from $40)

The Pixelist treatment reveals high-definition color for luminous brilliance. It combines two of the most advanced technologies to ensure lasting color radiance and hair fiber repair. Pixelist also restores the hair fiber to provide brilliant, even, sealed-in color from roots to ends. The Micro-Emulsified Fibrionic System instantly smooths the hair fiber, prolonging the shine and brilliance of color-treated hair. The result is lasting, lustrous, radiant color.


Concentre Densifique (from $40)

Kérastase Densifique Capillaire creates an oxygen-deficient environment around stem cells to awaken the bulbs that are asleep and enrich new hair growth. This treatment deploys the full regenerating power of stem cells to increase hair density, revealing up to 3,000 new hairs three months after the first application and up to 1,700 new hairs vs a placebo.


Concentré Vita Ciment (from $40)

Resistance Concentre Vita-Ciment is an incredibly light and nourishing care treatment for normal to slightly dry hair areas. It is an intensive reconstructive Kérastase treatment for weakened hair. This ceramic-based concentrated mixture of fortifying ingredients reinforces the hair fiber to add strength and resilience with the micro-targeted action of the Vita-Ciment Complex.


Introducing Oribe Renewal Remedies


Transformative Professional Treatments.
Custom blended by your stylist.

A revolutionary salon treatment experience. These custom-blended antidotes are designed to help restore the holistic health of hair, perfecting and protecting from root to tip. Hair is transformed to lustrous, polished perfection, complete with movement and reflective shine for truly transcendent results. 

*For Professional Use Only.

The Foundations

The Foundations are the base of Renewal Remedies treatments. Formulated with Bio-Synergy, a restorative sugar-protein complex, Renewal Remedies fortifies the inner structure of hair while restoring the damaged outer layer by creating a shield that locks in essential moisture and smoothes the cuticle. Designed to address the full spectrum of hair concerns, each treatment improves texture and provides intense hydration while increasing vibrancy, smoothness, and strength.

  • 4x Smoother.*
  • 4x Softer.*
  • 74% more manageable.*

*based on a clinical test conducted on human hair against a control group.

The Amplifiers

The Smoothing Amplifier works with the Foundations to:

  • Improve smoothness, softness and manageability.
  • Seal in moisture.
  • Reduce frizz.
  • Protect against humidity.

The Smoothing Amplifier, formulated with a specialized cross-linked polymer and a hydrating marine complex, forms a protective barrier on the hair fiber to seal in moisture and reparative nutrients while locking out humidity. The Smoothing Amplifier and Foundation work together to deliver superior smoothness, softness and control while significantly reducing frizz, even in high humidity.

The Strengthening Amplifier works with the Foundations to:


  • Strengthen the inner structure of hair
  • Prevent breakage.
  • Improve elasticity.
  • Fortify strands.

The Strengthening Amplifier, formulated with a protective blend of 12 amino acids and a patented fortifying complex, penetrates the cortex to help strengthen the inner structure of hair while preventing breakage. The Strengthening Amplifier and Foundation work together to significantly improve elasticity and the tensile strength of hair with each application.

The Color Retention Amplifier works with the Foundations to:

  • Extend the life of color through multiple washes.
  • Shield from oxidative stress.
  • Restore the protective outer layer of strands.
  • Increase vibrancy of color.

The Color Retention Amplifier, formulated with color-lock technology and a natural luminosity-enhancing antioxidant, helps extend the life of color while shielding from oxidative stress. The Color Retention Amplifier and Foundation work together to restore the protective outer layer of strands, while creating a noticeable difference in prismatic vibrancy and shine of color through multiple washes.

*From $40